How to choose a domain and hosting for your website?

The process of choosing a domain name for your web project is more important than it seems. The same goes for the web hosting plan, you need to choose the one that best fits the characteristics of your page. Such as the space you need, the monthly traffic and the number of associated email accounts. For this, we will give you some keys to make the election process easier for you.

Factors that will help you decide

The human factor is the first thing, domain names started to appear so that the IP address of the server where a website was hosted did not have to be remembered. That’s why your domain should be easy to remember, easy to spell and easy to transmit without mistakes. Web hosting hong kong offers you good security for the hosting of your website. SEO positioning is something very important to consider when choosing a domain name, as it can make the difference between appearing on the first page of well-known results or not. To guide you, you can use common sense, put yourself in the shoes of the user and ask the question, how do you search for yourself in a search engine?

How to choose a suitable hosting plan

It is relevant to choose a good plan to host your project since it is the system in which you store all the information such as images, videos… or any content accessible via the web. There are different types of hosting, they have similar characteristics, but differ on some. It is important that you pay attention, because it is not the same to have an informative website as an e-commerce with 500 products. With a hosting plan you can enjoy advantages such as: access to FTP (File Transfer Protocol), programming in known languages, creation of personalised e-mail accounts, database management and automatic application installer. The best way to choose a web hosting plan is to look at the features/benefits of each plan and choose according to your needs.