Tips for home: advantages and disadvantages of the expanded ceiling in the kitchen

When using a stretch ceiling in the kitchen with the design, its advantages and disadvantages are not appropriate, which of the film options to form a ceiling lining will work best and what performance characteristics do you need to know so that it is not repaired in a year?

Some disadvantages or things to consider about stretch ceilings

When choosing a decorating material and selecting a stretch ceiling design, consider some of the disadvantages inherent in this type of material. European products are of better quality, but Chinese products are wider. Click for more information . For domestic and European manufacturers, the width of the stretch fabric is very limited, so multiple layers, especially if the kitchen is large, are unavoidable. The presence of weak areas of the fabric, all the same seams, as it is these areas that are most likely to be damaged. The need to hire a heat gun, which is a necessary device to install a stretch ceiling of different levels of complexity.

Reasons for demand and benefits of stretch ceilings

The distinctive performance features are complemented by beauty and originality, and the benefits of the structures come in the form of:
The aesthetics of the paints and the attractive appearance,
Ease of paint maintenance,
Resistance to pollution,
Long life span (more than 10 years),
No tendency to deform when wooden houses shrink,
The ability to retain water in case of flooding from above.
The positive qualities of stretch ceilings determine the popularity of kitchen stretch ceilings. The better the reputation of the company producing PVC ceiling films and the higher the quality of the products, the more customers and positive reviews that attract potential buyers.