What additional benefits and services are included in the Cancun Resort Tax ?

When you stay in Cancun, Mexico, you will be subject to a tourist tax which is often included in the price of your accommodation. This tourist tax was introduced to support the tourist development of the region and to offer additional services to travellers. In this article, you will discover the advantages and services included in the Cancun tourist tax.

Access to improved facilities and services

The Cancun Resort Tax provides access to upgraded facilities and services to make your stay even more enjoyable. Among these advantages, we can find free transport services to certain tourist attractions, discounts on activities and excursions, as well as access to private beaches with equipment such as sun loungers and umbrellas. Do not hesitate to visit the site to learn more about the cancun tourist tax. In addition, some hotels offer exclusive services to travelers subject to the tourist tax, such as access to spas, gyms or swimming pools reserved for customers. Travelers subject to the Cancun tourist tax can take advantage of additional benefits such as concierge services to facilitate their reservations and special requests. Additionally, select hotels offer free shuttles to major shopping centers and area attractions, providing a convenient and hassle-free experience for travelers.

Promotion of sustainable tourism and preservation of the environment

Cancun’s tourist tax also contributes to the promotion of sustainable tourism and the preservation of the environment. Part of the funds collected is allocated to projects for the conservation and preservation of local ecosystems, such as coral reefs and protected areas. These initiatives aim to ensure that the natural beauties of Cancun are preserved for future generations and to encourage environmentally friendly tourism practices. By paying the tourist tax, you contribute directly to these preservation efforts and you can benefit from the results by discovering preserved landscapes and participating in eco-responsible activities. The Cancun Resort Tax also supports environmental outreach programs aimed at educating travelers about preserving fragile ecosystems and good green travel practices. Additionally, beach cleanup and marine wildlife protection efforts are funded through this tax, helping to maintain Cancun’s natural beauty for future generations.

Assistance and support for travelers

Another added value of the Cancun tourist tax is the assistance and support offered to travelers. Funds raised are used to provide travel support services, such as tourist information offices where you can get information on local attractions, travel advice and assistance when needed. Additionally, additional security measures are often put in place using resort tax funds, ensuring travelers peace of mind while in Cancun. Thanks to the tourist tax, travelers benefit from additional assistance and support when needed. Tourist information desks are available to answer questions, provide activity and attraction recommendations, and help travelers with any unforeseen problems. In addition, enhanced security services, such as additional police patrols in tourist areas, are funded through this tax to ensure visitor safety.

Promoting the local tourism industry

Cancun’s tourist tax plays a vital role in promoting the local tourism industry. Funds raised are reinvested in marketing and promotional initiatives aimed at attracting more visitors to the area. This is reflected in the continuous improvement of tourist infrastructure, services and activities offered in Cancún. By paying the tourist tax, you directly contribute to the growth and development of the local tourism industry, which benefits not only travelers, but also the local economy as a whole. Cancun’s tourist tax plays a key role in the development of the local tourism industry. The funds raised are invested in national and international promotional initiatives, helping to publicize the Cancun destination and attracting a constant flow of visitors. This stimulates the local economy by creating jobs in the tourism sector and supporting local businesses such as hotels, restaurants and travel agencies.

All in all, the Cancun tourist tax offers many additional benefits and services to travelers who choose to stay in this Mexican destination. Improved facilities, exclusive services, promotion of sustainable tourism, assistance to travelers and contribution to the development of the local tourism industry are some of the benefits you can enjoy by paying this tax. By supporting these initiatives, you are helping to preserve the environment, promote a quality tourist experience and support the local economy. So, during your next stay in Cancún, do not forget to take advantage of the advantages offered by the tourist tax and contribute to the sustainable development of this magnificent destination.