Chatbots and Personalization: Tackling the Challenge of Mass Individualization

In an era where consumers crave personalized experiences, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to deliver tailor-made services and products. One promising solution lies in the realm of artificial intelligence – specifically, chatbots. These digital assistants are not only transforming customer interaction but also addressing the challenge of mass individualization. With their capacity to simulate human conversation and make recommendations based on consumer preferences, chatb... Read

Global sales of electric cars accelerate fast in 2020 despite pandemic

In 2020, global sales of electric cars rose sharply, increasing by 43% to over 3m. This is in spite of overall car sales declining by a fifth during the coronavirus pandemic.  Accelerating Numbers The brand that sold the most electric cars was Tesla, selling almost 500,000 units. Next was Volkswagen. Across Europe, sales of electric cars more than doubled, edging the region last China as the world’s largest market for them, according to data published by Sweden-based consultancy,... Read