Hospitals in Japan close to collapsing as serious COVID-19 cases soar

Medical experts have warned that hospitals in the most severely hit regions of Japan are on the verge of collapse. The country has been struggling to contain a third wave of COVID-19 infections that has made a record number of people seriously ill. Infections Have Doubled Recently On Monday, the Asian nation reported over 4,900 new infections. Serious cases have also risen to record high of 973, according to local media.   Japan has been largely untouched by the huge death tolls and caseloads witnessed by other countries, but infections have doubled over the past six weeks to 338,000, with 4,623 deaths, as revealed by the public broadcaster NHK.   This recent spike, coupled with the discovery of the first recorded community transmissions of a fast-spreading strain of Covid-19 initially identified in Britain has healed pressure on the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. He’s been urged to act decisively to protect medical services which are currently overstretched. Exhaust... Read